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  • TD type oil-steeped Motorzied Durm

    TD type oil-steeped Motorzied Durm

    YDYD type oil-steeped motorzied durm is the most advanced durm of China.Compare with same domestic product,YD type has a lot of advantages such as high efficiency,light weight,low noise,long service-life,and widely used in foods process,postal sorting office,light industry,aiport luggage handling, harbours and electrical apparatus lines etc.

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  • TDY type oil-cooled Motorized Durm

    TDY type oil-cooled Motorized Durm

    TDY typeoil-cooled motorized durm is widely used for general purpose in motor is made by the special motor producers,is not below national Y series standard at the same power level.

    This series motorized drum is gear grinding processed,has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, low noise,and convenient for installation. It’s widely used in small and medium sized belt conveyor of mining , ports, power, metallurgy, building materials, concrete and other departments.

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  • YT type oil-steeped Motorized Durm

    YT type oil-steeped Motorized Durm

    YT type oil-steeped motorized durm is a product for large and medium type belt conveyors,in which oil-steeped motor drives the advanced planetary gear reducers,high precision and low noise are its advantages.Motorized durm is totally enclosed and guarantee against the seepage of oil, therefore able to operate in humid and dust conditions,for extremely rough conditions a special seal is available.As a ideal driving device for the Bucket Wheel Stacker and Reclaimer,load and unload machines,this type motorized durm are widely used in mines,factories,harbours,etc.

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  • YTH type built-out Grar-reducing Motorized Drum

    YTH type built-out Grar-reducing Motorized Drum

    The motorized drum that work environment the temperature is -20℃~40℃.The temperature that transport the material exceed 60℃.The elevation high of work location not exceed 1000 meters.If the work environment is out of accordance whit above term. pleas contact with our company.




    YTH model built-out grar-reducing motorized drum is produced according to technology imported from Germany.With advantages of hardened gear surface,planetary gear drive,steady rotation,low noise,big capacity whit over-load and large power range,it can equip with hydraulic coupling,stop-reveres unit,brake and explosion-proof electric motor and suitable to large and middle scale belt conveyer with awful environment and explosion-proof requirement.

    Structure Descriptions


    YTH model built-out grar-reducing motorized drum consists of three parts of durm body,drive and electric motor(Ⅱmodel without motor bracket).The durm body includes durm shell, bracket and gear reducer.The driver includes electric momtor,coupler,hydraulic coupler, stop-reverese unit and brackes etc.The bracket is welded by steel sheet and used for erecting electric motor and its cover,and also designed and made by customer.

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